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Frequently Asked Questions

Who do you work with?

I work with motivated individuals who struggle with unexplained chronic fatigue, brain fog, sleep disorders, depression, anxiety, ADHD/ADD, chronic Lyme Disease, Hashimoto's, who are done feeling crappy, and are ready to take action to transform their health.

Can I work with you even if I don’t live near you?

Yes! I work remotely with all of my clients. All of our sessions are conducted on Zoom. In-home tests are mailed directly to you and you mail your samples back to the lab. Blood draws will be ordered for your local lab to draw. As soon as your results become available, I’ll be immediately notified. You will receive all of the reports at our next scheduled appointment.

Do I have to get labs to work with you?

It depends. Some clients come with existing labs and I’m happy to review them. I find that on most occasions, the lab markers ordered are not sufficient to uncover imbalances and we may need to order more tests. I do recommend specialty functional lab testing to get the most accurate picture of your health. Having said that, not everyone can afford the lab testing cost out of pocket, in that case I work with you based on my elaborate questionnaires which reveal a lot of information as well.

How much do you charge?

Starting a conversation is always complimentary. It's incredibly important that you feel safe and heard by your practitioner, and we establish a positive and fruitful relationship for your best health outcomes. If we decide to work together, I charge $250 for your initial comprehensive case review. We spend 75 minutes together analyzing every detail of your health history and taking a deep dive to uncover potential root causes. I want to learn about your story, your symptoms, what you've tried or haven't tried yet, what worked and what made you feel worse. My goal is to explore everything about your lifestyle, nutrition, habits, mindset etc. This way I can better determine whether long term or short term support will be best for you. After I get to know you better, I will discuss your options and pricing then. I treat every client and their needs individually. Most clients sign up for a monthly support option if they are serious about fully resolving their health issues.

Do you accept insurance?

I do not accept insurance. Unfortunately, specialty functional lab testing is not covered by insurance either.   

Do you prescribe medication?

It is not within my scope of practice to prescribe medications. As a wellness consultant, my goal is your need for medications significantly decreases after working together on your health. I encourage you see your primary care doctor regularly to check if your health markers are improving, and you need to adjust your medication.  I do believe that Western medicine has its place, I especially see a great value in advanced diagnostic tools like ultrasounds, MRIs, X-rays, endoscopy etc. 

What types of protocols do you put people on?

Protocols are individualized for every client I work with. I assess your goals, health history, lifestyle, environment, symptoms, relationships, bloodwork and functional lab tests results and trackers to help guide me to provide you with a custom built comprehensive treatment protocol. This will often include individualized nutrition plan, guidance on sleep, stress, mindset, habits and routines, movement, supplements, gut health, environment optimization, hormones and more. 

How long will the protocol last?

I'm here for you as long as it takes to get you feeling better!  Everyone is different and it often depends on what you have going on, but on average I work with clients for 3-6 months. Those who need  a lot of support, I ask for a minimum commitment of 3 months because I want to help my clients fully heal, and root cause healing takes time. Remember, it took you a long time, sometimes decades, to get where you’re at now in your health status, therefore, one visit will not be enough to make a lasting change. Full healing does not happen overnight!

How do I begin working with you?

The first step to is to schedule a complimentary Strategy Session by clicking here! 

It’s incredibly important to establish a good connection between a client and practitioner in order to help you achieve your highest health potential. Begin by scheduling your 20 minute “Strategy Session” to share your health story with Justyna and learn more about how she can help using functional nutrition and health counseling.

Book Your  Consultation Today!

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