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About Us


I’m often asked how I got to be a functional nutrition and wellness consultant…

The Beginning

 It’s a long story which began over 10 years ago with my son getting ill. It was not a simple childhood illness, my sweet boy changed into a new person overnight, only years later we learnt he developed a serious and complicated autoimmune disorder. I knew something was up from the get go. I immediately met with a pediatrician but my concerns were dismissed. I sought second opinion from another doctor and then third opinion and fourth. No answers. All I got was “he’ll grow out of it”. I was in despair. Western medicine simply failed me and provided no solutions or any help whatsoever. I naturally turned towards alternative medicine and that is when the long process of discovery started. We saw numerous chiropractors, acupuncturists, Chinese medicine doctors, naturopaths and homeopaths. Some of them ran expensive tests which indeed proved that my child was not well. We tried all of their recommendations but reached no long term resolution of symptoms. However, my concerns were validated. None of these practitioners thought I was crazy like allopathic doctors did, and they all agreed something was seriously wrong. That gave me hope that one day I would find the answer.

My Search for Answers

I spared no time researching for information. It became my full time job. I scoured PubMed for relevant articles and accumulated a whole library of health related books. I would soak up all the information I could get my hands on. I would often fall asleep at my desk after long nights of researching, sometimes hopeful, other times I would cry myself to sleep feeling helpless. I had to leave behind any social life, there was no time for that, and my friends simply couldn’t relate. We tried very advanced technology and probably all the supplements, natural remedies and diets out there, and made little progress. Still, I just couldn’t give up on healing my son. 



Functional Medicine to the Rescue!

Finally, I came across functional medicine and that’s when things turned for the better for us. The premise behind this form of medicine is to uncover the roots of health problems and address them one at a time until the resolution of symptoms follows. It worked! My son was finally getting better! I was very blessed to have the support of some of the most prominent doctors in the field.


In the meantime, my daughter contracted Lyme Disease. After a short grieving time, I got busy helping her. Thankfully, her condition was diagnosed almost immediately because I recognized what I was looking at being on this health journey for so long with my son. I knew to ask for specific tests which confirmed my suspicions. Lyme Disease is rarely diagnosed early, most people suffer for decades before it is even suspected. Once it becomes chronic, it is extremely hard to combat (but absolutely doable!). My daughter was spared from lifelong suffering thanks to functional approach to medicine. Her recovery lasted a year and taking care of two sick kids took its toll on my health. Endless worry, putting my needs last, and working so hard every day on my children’s recoveries exhausted my immune system. One day, I woke up so drained I couldn’t get out of bed. Soon, I was diagnosed with an autoimmune disorder called Hashimoto’s. I actually ran labs and diagnosed myself at this point, later confirmed by my doctor. Luckily, my recovery was easier than my children’s thanks to all the information I accumulated and could apply for myself now.

New Path

 I feel extremely blessed to have worked with the most renowned doctors in the field of functional medicine all over the United States. Some of them became my mentors and biggest cheerleaders encouraging me to turn this passion into a profession. I took multiple courses, and joined a Functional Nutrition School to learn how to practice functionally. For two intense years, I studied lifestyle management techniques, innovative coaching methods, therapeutic dietary approaches, preventative health, Ayurveda, mindset work, herbal remedies, homeopathy, healing foods, supplements, and more. Currently, I'm undergoing a very rigorous training to earn a functional mental health practitioner certification. Most importantly, I learned over the years to question and dig deep. My teachers instilled in me to look past the symptoms because they always stem from the roots of the disease that need to be uncovered and healed for lasting resolution. I never stopped learning, and don’t foresee ever stopping. Every day, there are new medical discoveries that I keep track of as I strive to be the best practitioner I can be for my clients. My advantage is not only formal education, but also learning multiple effective protocols from esteemed doctors over the years, and testing on myself what works and what doesn’t. For many, working with these doctors would be simply inaccessible and cost prohibitive. Above all, I really learnt the most through living with and healing my family’s complicated health conditions.


My Purpose

Soon, extended family, friends and acquaintances began asking for help with their health problems and I became their personal medical advisor. I loved every minute of it! I knew deep down it was my path. My pain truly became my purpose. I was supposed to help other families suffering from a myriad of health conditions and never feeling heard, let alone getting their health issues addressed for good. My mission is to offer hope because real solutions are out there! Sometimes, it takes a long time and perseverance to discover the right solutions for you, and weed through the web of noise and confusion. Sometimes, it requires guidance. I was an avid researcher who spent countless hours daily reading medical literature but I still needed mentorship. I absolutely do not regret hiring experts to help me navigate this process. Before I did, I made mistakes along the way that I don’t want you to make. I needlessly spent money that could have gone towards the right healing modalities that would have sped up the process. Not to mention, the wasted time that could have been spent living illness free and just thriving. I encourage you to hire a guide who can facilitate this process for you. I am committed to your success and I would be honored if you allowed me to guide you on your health journey! 

Don’t forget! You have the Right 2 Wellness!

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